Friday, July 7, 2006

Love at first sight

Historic_placerville_ca When Monte and I were visiting Placerville during camp weekend, we meandered through the many shops and antique stores in the historic district.  I had made a pact with myself that I wouldn't buy anything I couldn't carry home...which, if you knew how I can accumulate things, was almost like saying I wouldn't buy ANYTHING.  And so I went, with the best of intentions...

Until I saw her.  She was window dressing in an antique shop...sitting there all all pretty and round and antique oak spinning wheel.  My heart flew to her and we both knew it was meant to be.  Next to her was her friend, the antique skein winder.  Oh, what a pair they were, just teasing me. 

However...Monte and I had just gone through hell and back trying to get our own spinning wheels packed and shipped to camp from Taos, so I knew what the problems with getting these two home would be...and apparently, so did the shop owner.  I tried and tried, but couldn't get him to budge on helping me with crating and freighting them to Taos.  I left town with a feeling of unfinished business. 

Then the dreams this little wheel NEEDED to be with me.  I simply had no way to do it, I said.  Then came the stronger message:  this wheel was once loved and used by someone, and when she (most likely) died, her family didn't care about it.  This was the message that really wrenched my heart.  Have you ever felt like that about something?  I have a kitchen and home stocked with what I like to refer to as "rescued" items...mostly useable...some of my kitchen utensils go back to early 1800s.  (I guess it's my concern that I will die and no one will love my things in the generations to come.)

Yesterday I learned that a friend in the area would gladly store the wheel for me until I could drive out to pick it.  JOY!  I just called and found out that the wheel AND the winder are still there...waiting for me as I hoped they would be.  I wish I had a picture to share with you, but I don't.  I'll post one in the fall when we reunite in Placerville...and now my heart feels fulfilled, until my next little love affair!  ---Martie

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Christine Robert said...

Dear Martie,
Here I am, perusing this wonderful blog, from the land of no wool, Hawaii. I love reading what is going on in my old place of Taos- such a contrast to bobbing around the ocean on Waikiki beach. Since I don't even knit, perhaps this should be a personal email- but I wanted to send gratis to everyone at Sunflower- Lorraine for mentioning the Nat workshop at Mabel's, and to those I don't know for the inspiring photos. I have been spinning- and pine to see your new purchases; yes those wonderful antique tools- I have a collection of shuttles, and many tools an Alzeimer's moment has stolen the names away from me. And yes, for now, I am reading, weaving and writing- Chris Heaven, too leisurely for most people's taste. Contemplating the idea of blogging- but would I have the energy??? Love and Aloha to all at Sunflower and your continuing obsessions!