Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Small village...big party

By the time most of you read this, you will have already enjoyed your 4th of July holiday.  This year, Connie and Lorraine and I decided to keep the shop open and witness the highlight of Arroyo Seco's year, the annual 4th of July parade.  Cimg0411_2 We closed the shop just as the parade started, and I dutifully toted the camera, to chronicle this event for those of you who couldn't attend.  Here's a little of how it went...first came the conquerers, in full regalia... (forgive the head).  Next came some otherCimg0397_1  localsCimg0393, out enjoying their truck (notice the head has now been joined by The Hat, and if you look closely, even HE isn't happy about it, me thinks).  There were some entries with kids in them, but to be honest with you, it was getting pretty crowded on the front lines and I was rapidly losing ground and couldn't get pictures of them.  My friends from Morningstar Farm, our neighborhood source of great organic produce, came by (note The Hat is now gaining ground).Cimg0403   Then I saw my neighbor, Gilbert Varos, and wanted to get a great picture of him atop his trusty steed, only to end up with a) a picture of the headless horseman and b) yet another person who found it comfortable to just snug right in in front of me:Cimg0409

Oh she of little patience!  OK, I admit it.  It's why I generally stay away from crowds.  But hey, it's just a parade (a quote from a friend of mine, who caught me whining about the crowd dynamics), and it was pretty darned cute to see all the little kids, in or out of the parade, especially when the candy started flying.  It's one of those things that makes you just plain proud and thrilled to live in a small town where events like these can still happen.  Oh...and before I forget...the last entry in the parade (poetic justice, I say):Cimg0410

Note to file:  if you wear a hat, you won't get so wet.  Maybe The Hat knew something we didn't.

It was a great day, and now I'm home, preparing to grill dinner and have a rousing evening starting a new shawl from "Knitting with a Smile".  To all of you, my best wishes...isn't it good to be free.    Martie

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Lisa said...

I can't wait to see your wheel! So enchanting... it was meant to be with you!
Do you need a road partner on your journey to pick it up?