Monday, July 31, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Today is a day at home...and despite having slept in late, I'm optimistic about what might get done today.  Last evening I managed an hour upstairs (the land of wools, wheels, and yarns) and was able to pick up and organize a little, in anticipation of today's dreamed of productivity.  It's a double-edged sword...when I'm madly creating, things go flying all over, with no cares of picking up.  Then when I'm ready to start on a new tangent, I'm clogged (mentally) by my own clutter. 

I have long intended to share with you our summer's tenants on the porch at the shop.  They are a small but sociable family of barn swallows.  This is the first year they've been with us...usually we host pigeons (don't get me started on that subject) and what I think are little finches.  Last week I climbed a ladder to try to get a close up of the barn swallow nest which I will now share with you:Cimg0438

I now understand the old saying about feathering your nest...theirs is a mud base (barely visible) and the top is gloriously adorned with the most delightful feathers (origin unknown...anyone have an idea?).  Their creativity and willingness to share their family with us has even caused me to overlook (forgive) the mess that lies beneath...

So the next time you're feeling guilty about all the yarn or fiber you've amassed, just're actually feathering your nest...----Martie 

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