Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let the party begin!

This week has been picking up speed each day and I can now officially say that the 2007 Wool Festival season is upon us.  Friends we see only once a year are in town and it's really fun to see their smiling faces and catch up a bit.  Posting here will be sketchy the next couple of weeks, and I apologize ahead of time.  I'm hoping to catch some photos of Camp Pluckyfluff and get them posted ASAP...but that might be about it until the festival is behind us and we have recovered.

The wedding last Sunday was the best I've ever attended.  Not just because it was our kid...but because it was FUN.  I have only been to a few weddings (I tend to avoid things like that) and they've always been very sappy and serious.  The bride and groom had written a good deal of the service, as had their friend who performed the ceremony, and it was great fun...lots of humor and laughter throughout.  The shawl was gorgeous on the bride, who wore a sort of 40s movie star glamorous sleeveless, backless satin gown...and as fate would have it, it was raining in Santa Fe that day so I think the shawl was even helpful for warmth.  I didn't take a camera, but if I get a photo of her in the shawl, I'll post it here.

This morning I stopped on my way to work to take a photo to post.  Puebloruin
It is of an adobe ruin on the pueblo land just down the road from the shop.  Taos Mountain is in the background.  There are barely any fall colors so far, very strange but possibly because we had such a long, hot summer?  I'm not sure.  This is usually a time full of golden aspens and red Virginia creeper vines.  I'm sorry for those who are visiting to miss the fall colors.

Tonight I blew my Weight WatchersAlsrun
points on a farewell dinner for my friend Liz, who is moving back to CA this weekend.  We celebrated her new plan with dinner at Tim's Stray Dog Cantina, up in the village of Taos Ski valley.  Tsvsteeple
I snapped a couple of photos to share with those of you who've never been here.  Again, the colors are barely starting, so it's not spectacular yet...just a glimpse of what goes on 8 miles up the road from our shop.

For those of you in the area, or planning to be in our area day after tomorrow (9/29), don't forget to come by and meet Ann Budd, who'll be having a book signing in the shop from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. (Saturday).  She's a sweetheart and you'll be glad you did!   ---Martie

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Leslie said...

We'll be there. A week from today. CAN'T WAIT!