Monday, September 10, 2007

Staff photo

Not that you've all been waiting for this, but I just got copies of the staff photos taken by Megan Bowers, the photographer for Taos News.  07staffphoto
The photo we've been using was miserably out of date, so I rustled up as many of us as I could (MIA:  Linda, who was out of town) and swallowed my pride and posed for those darn things.

Once again that old truth raised its ugly head:  photos don't lie.  Somewhere over the last two years, I've been happily munching away and not paying attention to how much weight I was gaining (again).  Imagine my horror to get a disc of photos wherein some of them (the close ups), I bear a strong resemblance to Jack Nicholson (in his current state).  I will add here that I have probably gained and lost an entire family over my life time (possibly some cousins, too), so this is not a new occurrence.  Despite what my doctor tells me, I am convinced I have the metabolism of a rock.

I am not posting this for any comments to make me feel better.  I am posting this because I've been encouraged, by several of the blog readers, to fess up and discuss that I've taken the drastic measure of joining Weight Watchers on line.  Rejoining, actually...I am a long lapsed lifetime member, from back in the days when you had to count every carrot and keep a scale in the kitchen. 

The particular blog friend who really urged me to post this has just joined as well.  She thinks people will be glad to know that misery has company (or however you choose to look at it).  I am not convinced this all belongs on this blog, but decided since Oprah has bravely done this in front of gazillions of people (many times), I can bite the bullet and talk about it to.  Maybe I'll inspire you, if you've been thinking about this and haven't done anything.

Interestingly enough, about a week ago, Joseph The Star Watcher (our local astrologer who's on the radio every day) noted that Uranus (or something) had gone into Virgo, and would cause people to become aware of their bodies and health and most likely start new diets.  While I had him by two days, I took solace in knowing that I had intuitively  beaten him (or Uranus) to the punch.  :0)

So now instead of eating so much, I use my points tracker on line and figure out how to eat breakfast and lunch so that I can have enough points to eat a semi-normal dinner.  I am plugging along.  I am inspired.  I am determined.  I am hungry.  ----Martie

P.S.  For those of you we've not met yet, we are, from left to right, Monte, Connie, Joan and yours truly.


Terri R said...

Hooray for you Martie! I know how you feel...I am in the same WW boat you are, after seeing some recent pictures taken of me.Yikes! As if gravity isn't enough to have to deal with as we age, slowing metabolisms just add insult to injury. Hang in there!

RuthieJ said...

Ah, Martie, doesn't it suck? As if trying to get my pants zipped isn't enough convincing for me, the recent family photograph really reinforces it.
Good for you and good luck with WW!

Martie said...

Hi Ruthie: Yes, my jeans coming unzipped when I bent over was the first big clue I chose to ignore... :0)
Terri: while I still can't imagine you have weight to lose, it's sure comforting to have you to share this with! XOXO

RuthieJ said...

Hi Martie,
I'm back again with another question....when I clicked on the picture to enlarge it, I noticed you have some really nice plants growing out in front of the store. Do you get lots of butterflies on the flowers? The tall yellow flowers to the left look like Common Tansy...

Martie said...

Hi again: Thank you for telling me what the flowers are, I admit to only recognizing a few flowers by name...also you'll hate hearing this, but I'm inside the building and have no clues about the butterflies. Sorry! The entire property (it's a complex of restored old buildings) is well landscaped and cared for by a crew each spring & summer and has many, many wonderful plants and I would imagine there are butterflies there somewhere! :0)

Mandie said...

Just signed up for WW online - THANK YOU for the inspiration and much needed gentle shove in the back :-)
Have you dusted off your passport yet?!

Martie said...

Wowza! Let's help each other with this! Ironically, my renewed passport just arrived last month, so it's all bright and shiny and just itching to be used....XOXO