Friday, September 7, 2007

Quilt scarf

My knitting time this last week has been spent working on a scarf Miteredscarf
inspired a pattern from the fabulous new Interweave publication, folk STYLE, by Mags Kandis. Folkstyle
This entire volume is one of those that calls me to do multiple projects, but with little free time right now, I started the "Modern Quilt Wrap". 

Not content to just pick a selection of mohair in great colors and follow the instructions (heaven forbid), I opted for a selection of yarns with aQuiltscarf
heavier weight and different textures:  Fibre Company's Terra in two different colors, one color of Malabrigo Merino Worsted, and an assortment of luscious boucles with ribbons and other goodies by Be Sweet.  About two blocks into my knitting, I realized my choice of yarns would cause this wrap to be heavier than I'd want at that width, so I changed directions and turned it into a scarf.

By block #3, I gave up following the pattern in the book and just started changing colors whenever I felt like it, and boy, has this been acting out after the structure of the lace shawl knitting.  I highly recommend this book and the wrap...whether you choose to follow the directions or use it as inspiration, as I did, for your own project. 

Have a good weekend!  ---Martie

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RuthieJ said...

Hi Martie,
Your scarf turned out really neat. I get the Interweave Knits daily e-mail and they've been raving about this scarf also. I really like the colors and different textured yarns you've chosen.