Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spring cleaning in September

Big day at the shop today...the windows got washed.  This is huge, for those of you who haven't visited us.  Huge because we have many large windows and huge because I refuse to wash any window, least of all at work. 

That was the icing on the cake.  The cake part was more about getting ready for Wool Festival, and in the process of straightening out stuff in the back room, I found a stash of shop samples I've marked for sale...scarves, mostly, and a few bags (one of which was knit from Rowan's magazine last year, with the tribal stuff in it).  Anyhow, it felt so good.  I admit I saved all the really warm stuff for this year's donation to the homeless shelter in Santa Fe; it has become an annual tradition for us to participate, and this year will be no exception. 

While we were marking sale items and setting aside donation items, Joan and I got to talking about why it is the two of us always feel guilty about not knitting enough donations each year for different groups to distribute...and mirroring that to those who don't ever even have it cross their minds to knit for donations.  We ended up deciding that those folks are missing out on a big secret:  how good it feels to make something nice for someone less fortunate.  ---Martie


RuthieJ said...

Hi Martie,
I have crocheted afghans for our local Red Cross to give to fire victims and also donate knitted items to various non-profits for their silent auction fund raisers. It is a good feeling to know you can help others while enjoying your own craft too.

Martie said...

Isn't it? Thanks for reminding me about crocheting afghans...I've spent the last few years knitting scarves and sweaters, but I adore crocheting blankets. I love the suggestion of the Red Cross, too. Good show!

Sandy said...

You guys need to remember this new blog - I'm sure you've heard lots of comments that would make great submissions!
"Overhead in a yarn shop"
Sandy (Linda's crazy friend from Santa Fe)

Martie said...

Thanks, Sandy. I'm sure we could write a book on this topic. :0)