Friday, February 22, 2008

End of the week

I can't believe how these days have flown.
  They've really pushed us hard; no rest for the weary.  I ditched the gen pop last night and hid in my room reading my book.  Anyone who knows me very well can only guess on my mental state after being with people (and talking) so much this week.  Teahouseaddy2

It snowed off and on yesterday, which forced our photo shoot locations to be changed. 
We ended up back on Canyon Road again.  Still flat light, but at least this time we had the snow to decorate for us.  I fell in love with the Rios' family yard.  Sarah, our instructor (who grew up here) tells me their family has been in that location for generations, selling firewood.  It's such a fabulous contrast to all the galleries just one building away on Canyon Road.  This is why I love New Mexico!  This isn't junk, it's inventory.  A fence falling down?  Prop it up or let it sag...who cares?  I could have hung out there quite a while, had someone not come home and me feeling uncharacteristically shy. 

Refuge again in the form of the Tea House on Canyon Road. Teahousedoors
I don't know if they have another name or not, but I'm giving you their address in case you ever head this way.  They are SO very hospitable.  When you walk in the door, the scents from the many teas and spices will drive you wild.  I would love to take over the entire place for a fun knitting party one day. 

When we got there yesterday, the windows were foggy and so was my lens.  I took these pictures and frankly, I do believe they are some of my favorites for the week.  No...I amend that.  The one with the little peek hole wiped in it is my favorite. 

Well, off to pack.  We have another session tomorrow morning, but we have to be out of our rooms by zero dark thirty, so I must be prepared.  I hope you've enjoyed sharing our week with us.  Oh...almost forgot...we are at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.  I can't say enough great things about the staff and the structure.  ---Martie

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the door shots are so mysterious....makes you want to know what is on the other, b