Sunday, February 10, 2008

A sense of place

I returned to Fort Martie last evening, greeted by two dogs and three cats who (seemingly) missed me.  Within an hour, we had all settled back into our cozy evening routine...pajamas (por moi), rocking chairs, my knitting, the evening news and a movie.  It seemed almost like a dream that I had just spent two and a half days visiting a dear friend somewhere around a thousand miles away.

We met the year I moved to New Mexico...through the Santa Fe weaving guild...and quickly discovered we had lots of things to laugh about together.  She eventually moved back to her home state, to be near her family.  I, on the other hand, had moved here specifically to escape mine.  I had to scratch my head on her decision for a while.Birdnest_2

This many years later, I finally got off my duff to go see what her choice was all about.  Well, it's just wonderful.  She has loving daughters, grand kids, old friends she has known since childhood, and new friends she is making all the time.  She has a super cozy home on a lake and gets to do whatever she pleases there.  She is super happy and knows she's supposed to be there.  That's pretty cool...and perhaps lots better than some of us manage in different parts of our lifetimes.  It was hard to leave all that love and coziness.

While I was there, I saw another home that I couldn't help but share with you.  I salute this little family for their choice of location, as well!  (And P.S.:  I am, at this writing, exactly where I'm supposed to be...and it feels great.)  ---Martie


RuthieJ said...

Ooh Martie, I recognize that sign from my years as a Wild Birds Unlimited employee!
Glad you had a great time visiting your dear friend.

Martie said...

Ruthie: I thought of you the moment I saw the nest, and ran back to the car to get the photo, hoping you'd see it. Perfect!