Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Waking up to twelve more inches of snow since last night sure made my Tuesday super!  I got to stay home and play in my fibers, with one eye on the wheel and the other on CNN.  I managed to spin three new skeins, which are soaking as I write.  I meant to take lots of pictures today (like you aren't sick of my snow photos) but got so preoccupied, I forgot.

I did also get a letter to our mailing list sent out.  If you are not on our list, here's the gist of it:  as our Valentine's present to you, the yarns that remain in our bag sale will be postage free if you order two or more bags by the end of the day, Saturday, Feb. 16.  Groovy deal, huh?  Check out the sale page on our website and download (or just read) the updated PDF file of what's left in stock.  Questions?  call the shop, 575.776.5644.  We aim to please.

I'm flying off to visit a friend tomorrow...if I don't post from there, I'll be back next Sunday.  Until then, I've included some more fiber "candy" for you to enjoy....  ---Martie

PS:  The fundraiser for my friend Holly is still rocking and rolling at my friend Sandy's site,  Homestead Wool and Gift Farm.  Check it out...it's called "Circling the Wagons for Holly"...lots of skeins of hand spun for sale, some knitted items, jewelry and all kinds of other things are being donated each day...Sandy is posting them as she has room for them.  Fun!


Connie said...

Actually, I love the snow photos! After living 28 years in Nebraska I was pretty sick of it, but I've been away for 12 years now so I'm starting to kinda miss it.
No such thing as a snow day in Phoenix...

Martie said...

oh YAY! All I needed was the slightest encouragement...thanks for writing, Connie...that's sort of how I feel after spending the first huge portion of my life living in a warm climate...I feel like I could never get enough of it!

Kristin Freeman said...

I love your blog! and I never tire of seeing your choice of photo shots.
Tried to get on the phone before you closed today want to place a small order, at last, from your sale.....left my phone number.
Thanks for providing such a great place from which I can order wonderful product.

Martie said...

Thanks for your kind words, Kristin...I know the one of the Sunflowers will return your call in the morning. Have a great weekend! Martie