Thursday, February 14, 2008


Most of you know about my editor, Bob...but don't probably know too much about his private life.  Well, he likes to keep those things to himself, for the most part, but yesterday I was able to get a photo of him with his sweetie to share with you.

Please meet Ann-Marie, a long time friend and supporter of Taos Sunflower. Bobssweetie
Along with being a cool indie spinner (look for her own web site soon...I'll keep you posted)  she is also (ta da!) Bob's hairdresser (maybe this sounds too ' it stylist now? I'm out of that loop). Anyway...yesterday was his day to get his semi-annual wash and fluff.  He took her a small Valentine's present in the morning, and in return, when he was delivered back to the shop, she brought him some wardrobe selections to model and from which to choose his very OWN, does this guy lead the life, or what?

First, the Zebra-ish cloak.  It sported a little collar, which, when folded up, gave him that sort of Count Dracula air.  Very edgy and sort of dangerous feeling, in a cool sort of way.

Next...Intergalactic Bob. Intergalacticbob
This was my favorite, because I'm big on that sort of theme, but he was none too pleased as it was quite thick and warm...perhaps another season if he decides to get a puppy cut or mohawk (according to what styles are dictating that year).  By the time we got him out of it, he was truly wishing he was on another planet.

Finally...and his pick...the western style vest.  He needs only a hat and belt with holster to complete the ensemble.  Wish you could have seen the swagger when he walked...oh...guess he needs a sheriff's badge, also. 

I hope you're having a great Valentine's day, whatever you're up to!  Off to spin...



ann-marie said...

Roberto looks fabulous!!! LOL We had so much fun yesterday. We are now on the lookout for a c-boy hat...
Big hugs!

margo said...

Have Bob check his mail. Hat is on its way.

Martie said...

NO WAY!! TOO COOL! I'm headed out of town for a week starting tomorrow, I'll see if I can get someone to check it for him (he prefers not to drive in the winter). Yay!

Leslie said...

Bob submits to this kind of thing docilely?

Martie said...

Ann-Marie has cast her spell on him. He is so blissed out after a spa day with her, he's just little more than putty in her hands.

ann-marie said...

NO WAY!! Bob really has a hat on the way!! I can't wait. Martie, you just HAVE to call me when it arrives.
Yes, Bob is fabulous and seriously enjoys being groomed and dressed up! He's just a girl-crazy, intergalactic, dress-me-up-and-take-me-out kind of guy!