Thursday, February 21, 2008

Morning #4

Your faithful reporter here...signing in before breakfast...I am barely awake, so if you find a typo or three, forgive me.  They're running our behinds off here and my usual old lady schedule has been completely thrown to the wind.Terrifindslove_2

Yesterday's field trip to the Eaves Ranch was quite fun.  There were three models, lots of space for us to split up and not have to photograph all over each other, and some really fun assignments.  Terri was there only a few minutes when she picked up one of the locals and decided to try to make him her little boy-toy.  For the sake of truth in reporting, I am also giving you a picture of the other side of the story, as well.  You be the judge.

This set, located south of Santa Fe, was originally built in 1969 for the movie "Cheyenne Social Club" and has been used (and added onto) in lots of other westerns over its history. PrairiechurchRonsgun

Having long ago decided I was plopped into the wrong century, this place felt just like home to me.  I loved the neighborhood density (NOT).  I'm going to stick in an assortment of photos from our shoot and let you see for yourselves.Terrishootingmodels

After afternoon editing, we were sent off to the downtown plaza area to shoot some more.  These two girls were just plum shot out.  We parked the truck and boogied to the nearest Starbucks for caffeine and sugar.  Please note:  in my ideal world, my little western town would have a secret Starbucks...hidden in the back of the saloon.  Located there would also be a microwave oven and internet connection...see how easily I crumble in the face of technology?

Off to breakfast.  Hope you're enjoying sharing this with us.   ---Martie


bob said...

I had to cover the screen so Cooper would not see Terri with another guy.

Kay said...

In the 89's we used to own the ranch across the road from the Eaves movie set. Used to ride our horses down "main street" until they peppered it with nails to keep us away. It's a great area. I think our place now has art studios...but who knows. Also, the road was not paved.
The good old days...
Kay in Texas