Monday, November 10, 2008

First snow

During the night last night, I heard moisture dripping from the eaves.  This morning I awoke to our first measurable snow (although not much...maybe about 2").  The first snow always feels so joyous to me. SnowOnDriedFlowers2

I managed to catch a few photos at sunset this afternoon. TresOrejas2

One of the view to the southwest, one of things in my yard that are nothing special but caught my attention in some little way. 

I had fun spinning with some friends this Energized2's been a long time since I've had a chance to enjoy an afternoon like that. 

I was inspired by my friend Ann-Marie's super fine spinning (see her yarns at Material Whirled...her tag name is Twhirl.  She hasn't been spinning all that long but has found her niche already...and excels at it. 
Sooooo....having spent an afternoon with her...I indulged myself in a couple of hours of spinning super fine yarn today.  Not sure what its future is, but I love it.  One little skein and it has about 175 yards, I think.  Here's a photo of it off the wheel...a little overspun (or is it "energized")?



Bennie said...

Oh snow!!!...Taos is beautiful with snow...I am so homesick for there...I love the colors in that yarn Martie...very rich!

Martie said...

Part of you is here, Bennie! xoxox

RuthieJ said...

Wow, what a view! Even a little snow makes the everyday things look special!
Pretty yarn--I bet it's nice to have tangible rewards like that from an afternoon of spinning.

Martie said...

Actually, it's probably comical watching me spin like that. I'm zooming along like I know what I'm doing, and then laugh my head off when it's all overspun like that. Oh's fun! Guess if I keep at it for another 20 years, I'll be able to spin a lace weight without overspin...

shawn said...

it's wonderful to see your snow. and your deliscious yarn. xxx