Sunday, November 2, 2008

These last weeks

I feel like I'm just coming out of some kind of fog, between being gone so long and returning just in time to close the shop and take care of what happens after the doors closed.  This week, something really creepy happened to me...I came to the realization that I'm a (heaven forbid) workaholic.  I was telling Monte yesterday that I've always thought of myself as kind of slow-speed and lazy, but that must be who I want to be, because it sure isn't my real life.  Why can't I just slow down? 

Before I ramble too much, I want to share a real jewel with friend Kara's yarn shop in Durango, Colorado, aptly named YarnKara'sShop
She recently moved down the street, a move that I think was a great one for her shop.  She has a real talent for merchandising and I must say that despite the fact that two months ago I swore I never wanted to see another yarn shop again, when I visited her shop a few weeks ago, I fell madly in love and hereby pronounce it my favorite yarn shop.  If you're in the area, I urge you to stop in and say hi.  She has loads of class opportunities and will teach one on one.  Kara is extraordinarily gracious and you will, as I did, probably end up going back every day, just to enjoy the way you feel so welcome (which we all know does NOT exist in all yarn shops).

If you've gotten here via our webstore and have already read the home page, this will be old news.  This past week I had my last shreds of patience go out the window with the webstore format I chose (one of those that tells you how EASY it is to do it yourself...wheeee!).  I spent an hour yesterday setting up the basic information on an store and will, over the next couple of days, add inventory to it.  Our new store is called


Please note that the search engine on Etsy store names does not recognize spaces between words, so from here forward, our shop will be using this same format for its name.

I'll be keeping the current webstore address and for a time, will run parallel stores until I can feel comfortable enough to move everything over to Etsy.  At that time, I'll let everyone know what's next.  I plan to keep the current address,, as a web page (vs. store) and link to our blog...there just won't be any inventory there anymore.

So having said all of that, I'm off to have another cuppa Joe and get this day started.  I hope you're all having a grand weekend...don't work too hard!  

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shawn said...

i think when your work and your passion are the same thing, it's very very hard to not be at it all the time. i assume there will come a time when we won't want to be working so hard... can't wait to see your etsy shop up and running. i'm doing very well since i started selling yarn on mine a few weeks