Monday, November 3, 2008


I will, as so many will, be holding my breath all day.  I can never remember feeling this strongly about an election I would vote in.  I remember the JFK election, but as a 10 year old, my world was skewed by the views of my parents; I remember working in the Nixon headquarters on precinct sheets, helping my mom find things to do to get the word out.  Then I remember our teacher brought a TV into class so we could watch the inauguration, and I purposely spent the entire time with my head down.  What a shame to foist your hates and fears onto a child.  To this day I have hated political discussion of almost any sort.   I am only now feeling a little less (but not much) upset by that "my way or the highway", fear based approach.  I may not be able to defend my views with history or statistics, but I know in my heart how strongly I feel.

Si se puede!

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