Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time to play

I called a halt to all the serious work on Thursday morning and instead, we spent the day playing. KikaBattFront
I made batts, Monte tried spinning a batt she had made at home.  It was a welcome relief from spending the entire day at the computer.AstersBattF

I posted photos of the batts I made today on our Flickr page.   I haven't been using Flickr, except when I opened my page on Ravelry.  I've decided it's a good way to share stuff when I have more photos than I can easily post here.  Please visit our page and sign up for updates, if you are so inclined.  Maybe I'll be able to tag some of your sites, also, and see what you're up to.

My plan for tomorrow is to stay glued to my spinning wheel and have fun with these batts.  I'll post what comes off the wheel on Tues.  Have a great rest of your weekend....

1 comment:

Bennie said...

are those some of your own locks you made into batts? one looks like sunshine and one looks like a field of lavender