Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Destash update

Oh dear...Monte and I just spent the last two days going through the (mostly) novelty yarn stash and it was a lot more than we had guessed.  When all was said and done, we bagged, tagged and inventoried 138 bags of skeins, some bags with only one skein, but most with 2-5 skeins.  It seems my collection was a little out of control.  (Who, me?)

Anyway...we tried to start photographing more of it today (I did a few last week) and the light was, again, just terrible. We moved the set up all over indoors and out and couldn't get much cooperation from the universe.  That's just too many items for me to adjust with Photoshop, so it's going to be a harder job than I had planned.

All of that to say I will keep working on this and will do my best to make these available soon (we've had mostly rainy, cloudy days for months...not conducive for great photography).  I'll do an official mailing from our mailing list when I think I've got a handle on if you're not signed up already, please sign up now and be sure to select the  option for notifications of updates for the Etsy shop.

And this was supposed to be a fun, fast, project...



Monte McBride said...

Listen up everyone! You will be amazed at the collection of Novelty Yarn. I kept wanting every other skein. "Fear of Loss"?

Penni said...

Keep up the good work! Just getting them 'tagged and bagged' is a huge accomplishment! Looking forward to seeing what you will have available.-Penni

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch said...

I just scooped up two skeins of the Be Sweet Magic Ball yarn and would love to see what else you have in your stash!