Monday, July 20, 2009

Locks and novelties...on to their new homes

Fallingleafthreeteeswater2 I'm still working on simplifying my life, which always seems to be an uphill battle.  Some of this may be old news, but I'm putting it here in print, just to make sure I can remember that I've shared this with you already.

Novelty yarns:  As of 7/20/09, they have all gone to Monte at MyMixMix.  She's going to start de-stashing them there soon.  There are, literally, hundreds of them.  Check out her shop for more information on these...and have lots of fun!

Chiccofourwensleydale1 Luxe Locks:  When I started my Etsy shop, I had lots of support and guidance from my dear friend HollyEQQ, who is the queen of dyed locks on the internet, if not everywhere.  Hers are THE best, no doubt about it.  I put Luxe Locks on my shop because they were Wensleydale and Teeswater, two very curly English breeds that have only in the last few years been introduced into this country, and wools that Holly didn't sell.  Now that has changed and she's selling them like hotcakes...I snagged a couple of photos from her shop (hope you don't mind, Holly!) to share with you here.  So...if you love locks for your spinning, felting, or doll projects, she's the go to person for the top of the line in hand dyed locks and novelty fibers (like banana fibers...I use like silk).


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HollyEQQ said...

You are an amazing woman.
Please believe that.
I am proud to call you my friend.