Sunday, July 12, 2009

Porch babies

Over a week ago, I noticed that the mama bird who nested in our porch light was spending more time out of the nest than in.  We saw her bringing in more nesting materials and that really got my curiosity going.  Had she not had her babies and was she making some sad attempt at another round of nesting?
OK.  I admit my curiosity finally got the best of me.  One day earlier this last week I reached up to pat around and see what was going on in the nest...I knew I shouldn't...but I couldn't help myself.

Warm fuzzies...several of them.  OMG.  I raced into the house, got a chair and got up there fast as I could...and there they were, a little mosh pit of fuzzies with one little beak pointing up, nibbling at my finger, looking for something I couldn't deliver.  I could barely stand it, they were so sweet.

In the meantime, mama bird is hip to my tricks, so I've been treading cautiously.  Every time I go in and out, she's on a nearby fence letting me know she's watching.  This has been good, too, because I can now confidently identify her as a Western Fly Catcher. 

This afternoon, while she was out on a bug run, I sneaked out with the camera to take these photos.  I am not sure how many are in there...I can safely say 3...but probably won't know for sure unless I catch them on the day they take their flying lessons.  Sorry this isn't a better photo.  I was hoping to get a cute butt shot...the little flipped up tails are just adorable.

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Sandy & the sheep said...

Oh how cute! They are so patient waiting for mama to come back aren't they? We have a barn swallow that has a nest built where our front porch roof is (where the porch SHOULD and someday will be! ha!). I love to see their little yellow beaks hanging over such a small nest! Thanks for sharing your family! ;0)