Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dye day for hooking

Linda'sWool I received my order of white wool yardage from Nova Scotia last week.  I decided it was time to start dyeing at least some of my wool here at home, since I have the ability to do so.  Buying dyed wools from on-line sources is certainly a great deal of fun, and I'm loving what I'm getting (well, mostly) but charity is, after all, supposed to start at home.  MartieWool

These are some of the first ones dyed.  I'm not dyeing for a particular project, just for I have no idea if these will be colors that will be important for me later in my work or not.  For now, it's just play.  The photos were taken in the brightest of sunshine, so they're a bit over exposed.  You'll get the idea, anyway. 


Penni said...

How beautiful, Martie! And what fun to imagine the mat or rug these will become part of. Good job!

the sheep said...

wowser and giddyup! Love the dye work and always love your 'wash on the line' pictures- too too cool! Smooches from the sheep! ;0)

StephanieG said...

Fun colors!
I could easily be tempted to try hooking . . . but it may have to wait for another lifetime.