Friday, September 18, 2009

A brief word on books

You've now ascertained that along with all the other compulsions I seem to have, owning and reading books is on the top of my list.  I love them all, new, used, hard back, paper back, musty, well worn and well traveled.  I long ago gave myself the permission to not feel guilty if I ever get to read them all.  Our bedroom looks more like the public library with a king sized bed.  I've run out of shelf space, so piles of books are lying on their sides, in stacks, in front of those that are neatly shelved.

I consider this a form of wealth, just like having lots of fibers, yarns, patterns, needles, and unfinished projects. 

Last weekend my daughter told me about her new, favorite book hangout:  Paper Back Swap.  It's a free, on line library of sorts.  You sign up and list books you have that you're willing to pass on to someone else (if you list ten when you enroll, they'll give you two free credits).  If someone wants one of your books, you get a notice, complete with a printable shipping label.  You ship the book, at your cost, to the person who wants to give it a new home.  When it's received, you are given a credit.  Each book, paperback or hardback, is valued at one books are two credits.  I signed up and listed 10 books and by the end of the first week, 7 of them had gone on to new, appreciative homes (they were mostly knitting related, BTW).  With my two "free" credits, I received a six disc unabridged audio book, like new, from a person in California.  It's way fun!  You can purchase credits, also...around $3.00 each if I recall correctly.  Isn't this a great way to keep books moving around? 

Speaking of books...I was talking with my friend Kay earlier this week and she has also decided to let go of some pretty valuable fiber arts books...two are about the history of woven coverlets, and one is the much sought after tome on the history of great tapestries that we all coveted back in the mid-90s when a group of us were studying French tapestry techniques.  If you or anyone you know is interested in these topics, I urge you to check them out.  We've decided it's better to get these books into the hands of those who'll appreciate them vs. having them end up in some thrift store some day when our kids are cleaning out our homes!

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