Friday, September 25, 2009

Unsung artists

Horses on Ledoux

I was in town yesterday for my weekly attempt at formal exercise, and driving on historic Ledoux Street, I found this piece of wonderment.  It made me remember being a kid and watching endless hours of westerns (the really old ones, as it turns out) on television and wishing more than anything on earth that I could own a horse (not practical in an East Los Angeles neighborhood).  I spent lots of time attempting to draw horses...and never had a success.  They always ended up looking sort of pre-historic.  OK, worse than that.  Even the cave painters did a better job.

My exercise teacher told me some adorable young hippie girl painted these horses.  I wish I could have been there to meet her and watch her work.  Her happiness shows in these beautiful creatures.  There are so many incredibly talented people in this town who may not get the recognition they deserve.  Come to think of it...that's the story of our world, isn't it. 

If you're a horse lover, I hope you enjoy this...sorry the photo is a little bit dark, I took it with my iPhone.


Jennifer said...

Wow! Made my day!

Kay said...

pretty talented young hippie girl, I'd say.

Penni said...

So beautiful and so true. Many don't get the credit they deserve, and yet to think that daily people get to see this as they walk or drive by, that must bring satisfaction. Thanks for posting this for those of us who live far away. said...

Absolutely beautiful! I always had a piggy bank when I was a kid that was my "horse fund". Somehow or another that horse never came to be, but I have had a life long love of horses.