Thursday, September 17, 2009

My bad

 When I was in California last month, I got so inspired by my friend Liz' sketch and watercolor journal of her recent trip to Australia that I've been busy supporting the local art store again.  First:  my friend Kay sent me two beautiful water color journals.  Next:  I hit the art store for water color brushes.  Then, another trip to the art store for more water color pads for bigger sheets, smaller sheets, and at least one purse sized pad (so I could be prepared for anything).  Today:  a portfolio to store my new works of art (she says, smiling) safely.  

MyBad Along the way, I stopped at the local grocery store for supplies.  Ooops...look what made it into the car.  When things like this happen, I immediately photograph them and e-mail them to Kay to confess my transgressions.  Her words of comfort?  "Wish I had them...banana chips not cutting it."

I simply should not be allowed to buy cookies.  The end.

2 comments: said...

Did the cookies make it home? I only buy handmade one of a kind cookies at a BBQ place on my way home from town and then there is never any tell-tale evidence for me to feel guilty case they happen to disappear before the Mr. gets home.
And I wonder why I can't get in to those jeans...:^)) I thought oatmeal-raisin was good for you?

6secoyarnhos said...

I'm sorry...I can't publicly disclose what happened to the cookies. Oh...and ditto on the jeans.