Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A studio afternoon


I hauled myself out to the dye studio today to get lots of roving weighed out for the dyeing this weekend.  I decided to play my new CDS:  Puccini Without Words & Opera Without Words, both by Andre Kostelanetz...oh, and the Best of the Ventures (love that old time surf music).   While I was there, the clouds dropped low over the mountains and there was lots of thunder, but no rain.  It was all very cozy. 

There are only three more openings and two more days left to subscribe to the next Roving Art club.  This has my head spinning with ideas of paintings to use for my inspiration.  I so admire people who have that talent.  Several years ago I took about 4 months' worth of beginning oil painting classes.  Boy, was that a humbling experience.  I have only two paintings I will let anyone see as a result of those classes.  This is one of them.  Believe me when I say that the others are not ever going to be seen by human eyes again.PearPainting

 And here's the baby blanket I was talking about yesterday when I posted.  I'm using up odd balls of Manos del Uruguay from about 2004.  I love knitting the log cabin square and decided to make the entire blanket one big square.  I love donation knitting.  I have about 8 scarves stashed already for donation to the homeless shelter.  They're what I knit at night when I don't know what I really want to knit.  Good for the head, the hands, and the soul.



Penni said...

Wow, Martie, your painting is beautiful! I love the colors and can't help but think that if this were something you kept at you would become a master as well. I love the photo out your studio window; now I can picture you there all nice and cozy stirring dyepots and laying out rovings to paint. What is the equivalent of 'bon appetit!' for working in the studio? Whatever it is I wish it for you. said...

ouuuuuuuuu. I love them both. The painting needs to be hanging somewhere.
I want to make my next baby aghan for Afghanistan in that cute log cabin pattern. Way fun for idiot knitting at night, for sure.

6secoyarnhos said...

Thanks you two. Yes, that blanket is a great way to use up odds and ends. I haven't done one in a long time and had forgotten how much fun it is to knit...or at least, not as boring as some.
Penni, the dye pots are in a little room adjacent to this studio. The smells can be overwhelming and I prefer not to breathe them. It is tiny...maybe 5' x 8'...but enough to house a work bench, pots, burners, etc. That way I can have more room in the studio for a table, benches, my music, some books, easel, etc. I plan to practically live out there this winter it gets so much sunshine!

Penni said...

Now my mental picture is more complete, and it makes perfect sense to have the dyepots separate from your studio space. What a lovely place to work, listen to music,(room to sway a little to the music I imagine), read a bit, plan and dream. I'll be thinking of you there this winter.

Ruth Johnson said...

Hi Martie,
You're too critical of your own artistic abilities. I love that painting of pears! All's you need now is a good frame on it (can you tell I used to work in a picture framing gallery?)
I really like your log cabin knitted square too. I love knitting for myself, but knitting warm things for others you don't know and probably will never meet is so much more rewarding (at least in my opinion)